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July 5, 2009

Yoni Meditation Mudra

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Yoni Mudra is an exercise of the withdrawal of the senses, included in Pratyahara.

All day long, people are barraged persistently with worries at home and at work. Your senses respond to all stimuli, with your brain simultaneously straining itself by ignoring all insignificant stimulus-responses. By being able to control the senses, only then can you concentrate and act on your duties more efficiently.

These are the steps in doing the Yoni Mudra technique:

  • Close your ears with your thumbs.
  • Use your index fingers to cover your eyes.
  • Then, use your middle fingers to pinch the nostrils.
  • Press your lips together with your remaining fingers.
  • While meditating, release your middle fingers as you inhale and exhale.

Concentration is the key for you to do this successfully and a better concentration is what you’ll achieve if you practice this. Remember that Meditation helps you relax and maintain mental clarity. Just do what Yogis do – find a comfortable place, do the Yoni Mudra technique, and you’re off for a better day with a rejuvenated mind.

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